TOC: Multivariate Behav Res


Multivariate Behavioral Research, 51(4)

The Recaptured Scale Technique: A Method for Testing the Structural Robustness of Personality Scales
Niels G. Waller, Colin G. DeYoung & Thomas J. Bouchard Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Mixed Model to Disentangle Variance and Serial Autocorrelation in Affective Instability Using Ecological Momentary Assessment Data
Kristof Vansteelandt & Geert Verbeke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Local Optima in Mixture Modeling
Emilie M. Shireman, Douglas Steinley & Michael J. Brusco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal Consistency and Power When Comparing Total Scores from Two Groups
Kimberly A. Barchard & Vincent Brouwers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling Clustered Data with Very Few Clusters
Daniel McNeish & Laura M. Stapleton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bayesian Factor Analysis as a Variable-Selection Problem: Alternative Priors and Consequences
Zhao-Hua Lu, Sy-Miin Chow & Eric Loken [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Joint Modeling of Ability and Differential Speed Using Responses and Response Times
Jean-Paul Fox & Sukaesi Marianti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fungible Correlation Matrices: A Method for Generating Nonsingular, Singular, and Improper Correlation Matrices for Monte Carlo Research
Niels G. Waller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Specifying Ability Growth Models Using a Multidimensional Item Response Model for Repeated Measures Categorical Ordinal Item Response Data
Insu Paek, Zhen Li & Hyun-Jeong Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consistent Differential Discrimination Model Estimation
Dirk Lubbe & Christof Schuster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]