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Industrial Marketing Management, 58

Letter from the co-editors-in-chief
Peter J. LaPlaca, Adam Lindgreen [Publisher]

Special Section on IMP 2015

Organizing and strategizing in changing networks: Contributions to theory, methodology and management
Per V. Freytag, Kristin B. Munksgaard, Ann H. Clarke, Torben M. Damgaard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transient commitments and dynamic business networking
Poul Houman Andersen, Christopher J. Medlin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Coopetition in a headwind – The interplay of sensemaking, sensegiving, and middle managerial emotional response in coopetitive strategic change development
Eva-Lena Lundgren-Henriksson, Sören Kock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Coopetition strategy as interrelated praxis and practices on multiple levels
Annika Tidström, Anni Rajala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer involvement in new product development in B2B: The role of sales
Antonella La Rocca, Paolo Moscatelli, Andrea Perna, Ivan Snehota [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

End-user engagement within innovative public procurement practices: A case study on public–private partnership procurement
Hannu Torvinen, Pauliina Ulkuniemi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysing an activity in context: A case study of the conditions for vehicle maintenance
Klas Hedvall, Anna Dubois, Frida Lind [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The process of evaluating business to business relationships facing dissolution: An SME owner manager perspective
Deirdre Fleming, Patrick Lynch, Felicity Kelliher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why companies fail to respond to climate change: Collective inaction as an outcome of barriers to interaction
Tobias Finke, Alan Gilchrist, Stefanos Mouzas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm-internal key account management networks: Framework, case study, avenues for future research
Björn S. Ivens, Catherine Pardo, Barbara Niersbach, Alexander Leischnig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A dynamics-based approach to solutions typology: A case from the aerospace industry
Fabiana Nogueira Holanda Ferreira, Bernard Cova, Robert Spencer, João F. Proença [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Paths, events and resource use: New developments in understanding innovation processes
Sharon Purchase, Christina Kum, Doina Olaru [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trigger issues in emerging relationships
Tibor Mandják, Zsuzsanna Szalkai, Edit Neumann-Bódi, Mária Magyar, Judit Simon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When business networks “kill” social networks: A case study in Bangladesh
Laurel Jackson, Louise Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supplier involvement in NPD: A quasi-experiment at Unilever
Linda Nhu Laursen, Poul Houman Andersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When purchasing professional services supports innovation
Simona D’Antone, Juliana Bonomi Santos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Change and transformation of networks and relationships — Fundamental aspects of business reality
Krzysztof Fonfara, Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek, Grzegorz Leszczynski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Jagish N. Sheth, John YowA review of the accidental scholar: SAGE 2014, sage responsePro ed.2014(ISBN-10: 935150039X ISBN-13: 978-9351500391)
Suraksha Gupta [Publisher]

Marketing high profit product/service solutions written by Roger MoreMarketing high profit product/service solutions written by Roger More
Anne Jalkala [Publisher]