TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 25(4)

Country of origin branding: an integrative perspective
Roderick J. Brodie and Maureen Benson-Rea

Consumer generated brand extensions: definition and response strategies
Edward Boon, Philip Grant, and Jan Kietzmann

Transforming celebrities through social media: the role of authenticity and emotional attachment
Christine M. Kowalczyk and Kathrynn R. Pounders

Storygiving as a co-creation tool for luxury brands in the age of the internet: a love story by Tiffany and thousands of lovers
Mine Üçok Hughes, Wendy K. Bendoni, and Ekin Pehlivan

How customer and product orientations shape political brands
Alessandro Bigi, Emily Treen, and Anjali Bal

Producer push to consumer pull: Who curates new media content? Developing strategies for new media environments
Kerry Fiona Chipp and Devarpan Chakravorty

Tattooing and brand sponsorship: how far is too far?
Kelly Weidner, Anjali Bal, Samantha Rains, and Christopher Leeds

When creative consumers go green: understanding consumer upcycling
Matthew Wilson

Guest editorial
Pierre Berthon and Leyland Pitt