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Journal of Marketing Education, 38(2)

Special Issue: Using Simulations in the Marketing Classroom

Editor’s Corner

Using Simulations in the Marketing Classroom
Jan Kietzmann and Leyland Pitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Operation Valuation: Teaching Pricing Concepts in an Experiential Environment
Adam J. Mills and Emily Treen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Implementing ‘Marketing Me’: A Simulation Enhanced Variant for a Student Self-Marketing Exercise
Andrew Flostrand, Jason Y. C. Ho, and Robert E. Krider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting Real About Suicide Prevention in the Classroom and Beyond: Using a Classroom Simulation to Create Communications for At-Risk Individuals
Anjali S. Bal, Kelly Weidner, Christopher Leeds, and Brian Raaka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning From Simulation Design to Develop Better Experiential Learning Initiatives: An Integrative Approach
Ana Isabel Canhoto and Jamie Murphy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learner Satisfaction in Marketing Simulation Games: Antecedents and Influencers
Albert Caruana, Antonella La Rocca, and Ivan Snehota [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating Value in Marketing and Business Simulations: An Author’s Viewpoint
Ernest R. Cadotte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evidence From a Large Sample on the Effects of Group Size and Decision-Making Time on Performance in a Marketing Simulation Game
Emily Treen, Christina Atanasova, Leyland Pitt, and Michael Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]