TOC: Intl J Bus Emerging Markets


International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets

— Murali D R Chari

A temporal bracketing perspective on the internationalisation propensity of SMEs from post-communist transition economies
— Alexandra V. Roth, Elitsa R. Banalieva

A contingent view on the importance of inertia and mimicry in location choices by Chinese MNCs
— Lin Yuan, Nitin Pangarkar

Emerging markets firms’ catch-up strategy in new product development: cases from Chinese companies
— Crystal X. Jiang, Qin Yang, Sangcheol Song, Madan Annavarjula

An analysis of Chinese acquisitions of Italian firms in the manufacturing sector
— Alessandra Vecchi

Adoption of corporate entrepreneurship: managing domestic and global competitiveness through the lens of entrepreneurial orientation
— Maheshkumar P. Joshi

Southern MNCs in Switzerland and regional productivity spillovers in services/construction industry
— Lamia Ben Hamida, Racha Khairallah