Jane Ziegler Sojka has won the AMA Teaching and Learning SIG's Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Award for Innovative Excellence in Marketing Education

The AMA Teaching and Learning SIG is pleased to announce Jane Ziegler Sojka (University of Cincinnati) as the 2016 winner of the Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Award for Innovative Excellence in Marketing Education.

Dr. Sojka’s innovation is the development and implementation of enhanced curricula in professional selling. In her application, Dr. Sojka identifies the following problem. "The gender gap in confidence is a critical issue impacting women’s career choices and advancement, especially in male dominated fields such as professional selling where confidence is a much-needed skill for success. Businesses actively seek gender diversity in areas such as professional selling but women are reluctant to enroll in a sales course, much less consider professional selling as a viable entry level career option." Her innovation is a professional selling course for female students which better prepares them to gain resilience, confidence, and overcome fear of failure.

To hear details regarding experiential learning tools and empirical evidence of effectiveness of this exciting innovation, attend the TLSIG special session, 11 AM, August 6, 2016 at the Summer Educators meeting. Dr. Elnora Stuart, representing the award founders and Pearson Prentice Hall, will present the award to Dr. Sojka.

Elizabeth J. Wilson, Ph.D, AMA TLSIG Chairperson