TOC: J Strat Mar


Journal of Strategic Marketing, 24(6)

Nigel Piercy [Publisher]

The influence of customer loyalty on small island economies: an empirical and exploratory study
Wilson Ozuem, Tara Thomas & Geoff Lancaster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Megamarketing expanded by neo-institutional theory
Damien Chaney, Karim Ben Slimane & Ashlee Humphreys [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory focus as a moderator of retail shopping behaviour
Gopal Das [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimising relationship marketing programmes: a holistic approach
Irena Daukseviciute & Lyndon Simkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Extending boundaries of Blue Ocean Strategy
Arpita Agnihotri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of customer gratitude in relationship marketing: moderation and model validation
Anubhav A. Mishra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]