Revisit: Methods Summer Schools


Summer Schools on Experimental Design & Analysis and on Mediation & Moderation, Rende, Italy, 12-16 Sep 2016

The Summer School on Experimental Design & Analysis (September 12-16 2016) will train participants to design experimental studies in order to test causal relationships. Specifically, during the course participants will learn about different types of experimental designs, how to manipulate independent variables, and how to enhance the internal validity of their experiments. Participants will be also introduced to statistical analyses of experimental data (e.g., t-test, ANOVA) using SPSS during guided sessions. The lecturer is Irene Scopelliti, Cass Business School, City University London.

The Summer School on Mediation & Moderation (September 12-16 2016) will train participants to define and to test hypotheses on indirect and conditioned effects. The course covers both the theory of mediation and moderation and the related analytical approaches to test specific hypotheses. Participants will apply SPSS and STATA during guided sessions, learning how to use popular macros and tools (e.g., PROCESS, bootstrap, Monte-Carlo simulations), as well as understanding the basic statistics behind the analyses. The lecturers are Gaetano "Nino" Miceli, University of Calabria, and Luigi Mario De Luca, Cardiff Business School.

All the relevant information concerning programs, fees, application, and other practicalities are available on the website in the sections dedicated to the summer schools. The website includes information on other six summer schools on various research methods (e.g., econometrics, multivariate statistics, structural equation modeling).