Winter AMA 2017


AMA Winter Conference, Orlando, 17-19 Feb 2017; Deadline 27 Aug

Better Marketing for a Better World

Throughout the world, marketers are helping consumers improve their lives, firms prosper, and societies function better. Yet as research in marketing has become more specialized, the field has become more splintered, and academic work has too often become detached from the most important challenges facing the world today. There are many conferences these days, but few scholarly events offer a "big tent" to bring together researchers who pursue very different approaches to the study of important marketing phenomena.

We are co-chairing the 2017 AMA Winter conference in Orlando on February 17-19, 2017, and we invite you to join us in taking a step toward creating this big tent. The conference title “Better Marketing for a Better World,” seeks to draw exciting, high-quality research from across the marketing academic community. Rather than featuring traditional tracks, the conference will feature ten cross-cutting themes that are phenomenon-focused and will highlight the diverse disciplinary and methodological approaches that represent the field. Our focus on a “better world” puts the emphasis on a broad set of firm, consumer, policy, and market level outcomes that are important to the future of our field. Full conference details and submission requirements are available here.

Rajesh Chandy, Jeff Inman, and Chris Moorman