Impact Factors of Marketing Journals


The annual posting of the scores we love to hate

It has become something of a yearly ELMAR tradition to post the Thompson-Reuters Impact Factor scores for our beloved journals. It is also part of that tradition for me to point out that there is much criticism of these scores with various authors complaining that it is a bad metric while others making the more general point that it is nonsensical to assess journal quality instead of article quality. Among the more recent criticisms is this piece from Science Insider:

Hate journal impact factors? New study gives you one more reason
John Bohannon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

That preface out of the way, here is a list of journals of interest to marketers and their 2015 scores:


    Journal of Marketing 3.885
    Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 3.744
    Journal of Interactive Marketing 3.256
    Journal of International Marketing 3.250
    Journal of Consumer Research 3.187
    Journal of Marketing Research 3.109
    Journal of Consumer Culture 2.816  
    Management Science 2.741
    Marketing Theory 2.673
    Consumption, Markets & Culture 2.659
    Journal of Service Research 2.462
    Journal of Advertising 2.288
    Journal of Service Management 2.233
    Journal of Business Research 2.129
    Journal of Product Innovation Management 2.086
    Journal of Retailing 2.014
    Journal of Consumer Psychology 2.009
    Industrial Marketing Management 1.930
    International Journal of Research in Marketing 1.833
    Marketing Science 1.647
    International Marketing Review 1.588
    Marketing Letters 1.508
    Journal of Macromarketing 1.429
    Psychology & Marketing 1.367
    J Service Theory Prac (was Man Serv Qual) 1.286
    International Journal of Advertising 1.169
    Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 1.150
    European Journal of Marketing 1.088
    International Journal of Consumer Studies 1.086
    Journal of Consumer Affairs 1.053
    Journal of Consumer Behaviour 1.022
    Journal of Services Marketing 1.021
    Service Business 0.985
    Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 0.973
    Quantitative Marketing and Economics 0.846
    Journal of Advertising Research 0.825
    Service Industries Journal 0.776
    Servcice Science 0.711
    International Journal of Market Research 0.697
    Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing 0.500

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