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Decision, 3(3)

Information sampling behavior with explicit sampling costs.
Juni, Mordechai Z.; Gureckis, Todd M.; Maloney, Laurence T. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Information sampling behavior with explicit sampling costs’: Correction to Juni, Gureckis, and Maloney (2015).
No authorship indicated [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficiently encoding and modeling subjective probability distributions for quantitative variables.
Wallsten, Thomas S.; Shlomi, Yaron; Nataf, Colette; Tomlinson, Tracy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attribute-wise vs. alternative-wise mechanism in intertemporal choice: Testing the proportional difference, trade-off, and hyperbolic models.
Cheng, Jiuqing; González-Vallejo, Claudia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust against all odds? Emotional dynamics in trust behavior.
Schlösser, Thomas; Fetchenhauer, Detlef; Dunning, David [Publisher] [Google Scholar]