Environmentalism and Sustainability


Their Growing Role of in Marketing and Public Policy, Special issue of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing; Deadline 31 Jul 2016

Key Takeaways

Deadline for submissions: July 31, 2016.

Manuscripts are being solicited for an upcoming special issue of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing devoted to environmentalism and sustainability.

In the past two decades many journals have devoted special issues that have explored the concept of sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Industrial Ecology, International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development, Journal of Macromarketing to cite a few, have published special issues on this topic. In fact, two groups of scholars recently published two very influential articles on sustainability in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (2011, 2012).

The concept of social marketing was introduced in the 1970s and spurred a series of research on topics such as demarketing, responsible marketing, bottom-of-the pyramid, environmental marketing, and others. While the concepts are varied and cover a large area, they are all related in some manner or another to at least one of the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) and the role of consumers, marketers, and framers of policy.

We feel it is time for us to devote an entire special issue to this topic. The Journal of Public Policy & Marketing is uniquely positioned to take a leadership role and sponsor such an issue that can serve as an anthology for future generation of researchers. See below for a list of possible topics that would fit this issue:

    • Consumer environmental values, beliefs, and attitudes
    • Consumer skepticism
    • Consumer political orientation
    • Firm’s commitment to environment, economic, and/or social sustainability
    • Marketing’s role in sustainability
    • Role of public policy in promoting sustainability
    • Reduced Consumption
    • Demarketing
    • Reusing and/or Recycling
    • Ethical Consumption
    • Fair Trade
    • Consumer as a Citizen
    • Role of Social Media in Social Marketing
    • Sustainable Product Labeling and Certification Programs
    • Firm’s Orientation toward Employees
    • Sustainable Wages
    • Employee Commitment to Firm Policies

This is but a brief list of possible research topics, and we welcome any others that may be suited to this special issue. We welcome varied methodologies and analytical techniques including experiments, surveys, qualitative analyses, or quantitative modeling.

We also encourage theoretical papers, including literature reviews that offer strong theoretical frameworks for future research programs.

It is with this background that we issue this call for research on “The Growing Role of Environmentalism and Sustainability in Marketing and Public Policy.” Our goal (subject to publication backlog and schedule) is to publish this collection of manuscripts in a special issue of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing in spring 2017.

Submission Requirements & Information

Submissions should follow the manuscript format guidelines for the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. 

All manuscripts should be submitted through the JPP&M online submission system?

The deadline for receiving manuscripts is July 31, 2016.


Prothero, Andrea, Susan Dobscha, Jim Freund, William E. Kilbourne, Michael G. Luchs, Lucie K. Ozanne, and John Thøgersen (2011), “Sustainable Consumption: Opportunitis for Consumer research and Public Policy,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 30 (1), p. 31 – 38

Griskevicius, V., Cantu, S., & Van Vugt, M (2012), "The Evolutionary Bases for Sustainable Behavior: Implications for Marketing, Policy, and Social Entrepreneurship," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 31 (1), p. 115 – 128.

Special Issue editors:

Easwar S. Iyer & Rebecca Walker Reczek