TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 56

Special Section on Theory and practice of value co-Creation in B2B systems

Theory and practice of value co-creation in B2B systems
Marko Kohtamäki, Risto Rajala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Provider and relational determinants of customer solution performance
Thomas L. Powers, Shibin Sheng, Julie Juan Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-creation practices: Their role in shaping a health care ecosystem
Pennie Frow, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Adrian Payne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leveraging value in multi-stakeholder innovation networks: A process framework for value co-creation and capture
Charlotte Reypens, Annouk Lievens, Vera Blazevic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service network value co-creation: Defining the roles of the generic actor
Peter Ekman, Randle D. Raggio, Steven M. Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The customer as enabler of value (co)-creation in the solution business
Jan Petri, Frank Jacob [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology-enabled value co-creation: An empirical analysis of actors, resources, and practices
Christoph F. Breidbach, Paul P. Maglio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The co-production of value in digital, university–industry R&D collaborative projects
Ana Isabel Canhoto, Sarah Quinton, Paul Jackson, Sally Dibb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation practices and capabilities: Sustained purposeful engagement across B2B systems
Javier Marcos-Cuevas, Satu Nätti, Teea Palo, Jasmin Baumann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation process of integrated product-services: Effect of role ambiguities and relational coping strategies
David Rönnberg Sjödin, Vinit Parida, Joakim Wincent [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regular Articles

Boundary spanning and customer service styles in business solutions implementation
Daniel D. Prior [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reconceptualizing the elements of market orientation: A process-based view
Xiaodan (Dani) Dong, Zelin Zhang, Christian Andrew Hinsch, Shaoming Zou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing business-to-business relationships under conditions of employee attrition: A transparency approach
Nishant Kumar, Ali Yakhlef [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to enhance supplier performance in China: An integrative view of partner selection and partner control
En Xie, Jie Liang, Kevin Zheng Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are information asymmetry and sharing good, bad, or context dependent? A meta-analytic review
Pui Ying Tong, Jody L. Crosno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]