TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 59(4)

Wholesalers of business knowledge: Why evidence-based practitioner journals create and deliver value to both practice and the Academy
Jeffery S. McMullen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


But you promised! Managing consumers’ psychological contracts
David Hannah, Emily Treen, Leyland Pitt, Pierre Berthon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Using Groupon for health and wellness businesses
In Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Art of the possible or fool’s errand? Diffusion of large-scale management innovation
Matthew A. Douglas, Robert E. Overstreet, Benjamin T. Hazen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Amazon Mechanical Turk and other compensated crowdsourcing sites
Gordon B. Schmidt, William M. Jettinghoff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to manage client entertainment in China
Francis Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Solving the crisis of immediacy: How digital technology can transform the customer experience
Salvatore Parise, Patricia J. Guinan, Ron Kafka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sustainability as a marketing tool: To be or to appear to be?
Fabrizio Baldassarre, Raffaele Campo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Planning and implementing effective mobile marketing programs
Barry Berman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Higher education and the digital revolution: About MOOCs, SPOCs, social media, and the Cookie Monster
Andreas M. Kaplan, Michael Haenlein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]