TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 63(6)

Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher]

Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts
Ethan Mollick, Ramana Nanda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Screening Peers Softly: Inferring the Quality of Small Borrowers
Rajkamal Iyer, Asim Ijaz Khwaja, Erzo F. P. Luttmer, Kelly Shue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Regulatory Certification Affect the Information Content of Credit Ratings?
Valentina Bruno, Jess Cornaggia, Kimberly J. Cornaggia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Skewness and the Relation Between Risk and Return
Panayiotis Theodossiou, Christos S. Savva [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mutual Forbearance and Competition Among Security Analysts
Joel A. C. Baum, Anne Bowers, Partha Mohanram [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investing with Brain or Heart? A Field Experiment on Responsible Investment
Trond Døskeland, Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Career Prospects and Effort Incentives: Evidence from Professional Soccer
Jeanine Miklós-Thal, Hannes Ullrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact and Evolution of Group Diversity in Online Open Collaboration
Yuqing Ren, Jilin Chen, John Riedl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reputation Transferability in Online Labor Markets
Marios Kokkodis, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blinding Us to the Obvious? The Effect of Statistical Training on the Evaluation of Evidence
Blakeley B. McShane, David Gal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To Commit or Not to Commit: Revisiting Quantity vs. Price Competition in a Differentiated Industry
Sherif Nasser, Danko Turcic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contract Preferences and Performance for the Loss-Averse Supplier: Buyback vs. Revenue Sharing
Yinghao Zhang, Karen Donohue, Tony Haitao Cui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Systematic Risk in Supply Chain Networks
Nikolay Osadchiy, Vishal Gaur, Sridhar Seshadri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimizing Product Launches in the Presence of Strategic Consumers
Ilan Lobel, Jigar Patel, Gustavo Vulcano, Jiawei Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inventory Pooling Under Heavy-Tailed Demand
Kostas Bimpikis, Mihalis G. Markakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personal Preferences, Entrepreneurs’ Location Choices, and Firm Performance
Elena Kulchina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Provisioning of Large-Scale Systems: The Interplay Between Network Effects and Strategic Behavior in the User Base
Jayakrishnan Nair, Adam Wierman, Bert Zwart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]