TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 25(3)

Corporate heritage tourism brand attractiveness and national identity
John M.T. Balmer and Weifeng Chen

Surprise! We changed the logo
Julien Grobert, Caroline Cuny, and Marianela Fornerino

Is co-creation really a booster for brand equity? The role of co-creation in observer-based brand equity (OBBE)
Samuel Kristal, Carsten Baumgarth, Carolin Behnke, and Jörg Henseler

Mall brand meaning: an experiential branding perspective
Bill Merrilees, Dale Miller, and Wei Shao

Green consumer behavior: being good or seeming good?
Ulf Aagerup and Jonas Nilsson

As good as new – valuing fashion brands in the online second-hand markets
Jenniina Sihvonen and Linda Lisa Maria Turunen

Internal branding and sustainability: investigating perceptions of employees
Galina Biedenbach and Siarhei Manzhynski

Impact of symbolic product design on brand evaluations
Christian Boris Brunner, Sebastian Ullrich, Patrik Jungen, and Franz-Rudolf Esch

Francisco Guzman and Ulla Hakala