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Journal of Management, 42(5)

Ensuring Research Integrity: An Editor’s Perspective
Patrick M. Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonverbal Behavior and Communication in the Workplace: A Review and an Agenda for Research
Silvia Bonaccio, Jane O’Reilly, Sharon L. O’Sullivan, and Francois Chiocchio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Home Country Institutions and the Internationalization-Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analytic Review
Valentina Marano, Jean-Luc Arregle, Michael A. Hitt, Ettore Spadafora, and Marc van Essen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disability in the Workplace: A Unique and Variable Identity
Alecia M. Santuzzi and Pamela R. Waltz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disentangling the Fairness & Discrimination and Synergy Perspectives on Diversity Climate: Moving the Field Forward
David J. G. Dwertmann, Lisa H. Nishii, and Daan van Knippenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Time Horizon of Investments in the Resource Allocation Process: Review and Framework for Next Steps
Greg Reilly, David Souder, and Rebecca Ranucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Review of Self-Determination Theory’s Basic Psychological Needs at Work
Anja Van den Broeck, D. Lance Ferris, Chu-Hsiang Chang, and Christopher C. Rosen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Sociocultural Perspective on Knowledge Transfer in Mergers and Acquisitions
Riikka Mirja Sarala, Paulina Junni, Cary L. Cooper, and Shlomo Yedidia Tarba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizations Driving Positive Social Change: A Review and an Integrative Framework of Change Processes
Ute Stephan, Malcolm Patterson, Ciara Kelly, and Johanna Mair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ownership of Corporations: A Review, Synthesis, and Research Agenda
Brian K. Boyd and Angelo M. Solarino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Errors in Organizations: An Integrative Review via Level of Analysis, Temporal Dynamism, and Priority Lenses
Zhike Lei, Eitan Naveh, and Zhanna Novikov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational Form Emergence: A Meta-Analysis of the Ecological Theory of Legitimation
Sandy Bogaert, Christophe Boone, Giacomo Negro, and Arjen van Witteloostuijn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Network Analysis of Leadership Theory: The Infancy of Integration
Jeremy D. Meuser, William L. Gardner, Jessica E. Dinh, Jinyu Hu, Robert C. Liden, and Robert G. Lord [Publisher] [Google Scholar]