TOC: Intl J Market Res


International Journal of Market Research, 58(3)

Editorial: IJMR Lectures, Impact 2016, BPC/MRS polls inquiry
Peter Mouncey

Viewpoint: The new rules of engagement
Samantha Bond

Forum: Gender and the media: investigating audience opinions on TV, radio and the Internet
David Bunker and James Bryson

Investigating market research ethics: an empirical study of codes of ethics in practice and their effect on ethical behaviour
Anca C. Yallop and Simon Mowatt

Understanding shopper transaction data: how to identify cross-category purchasing patterns using the duplication coefficient
Arry Tanusondjaja, Magda Nenycz-Thiel and Rachel Kennedy

The benefits of quantifying qualitative brand data: a mixed-method approach for converting free brand associations to a brand equity index
Kaleel Rahman and Charles S. Arenia

3D visualisation for online retail: factors in consumer behaviour
Andrew Wodehouse and Mohammed Abba

Conference notes: IJMR-hosted debate: ‘Who will succeed in the new era of data discovery’, Impact 2016, London, 15 March 2016
Adam Phillips, Edwin Kooge, Paul Bosher, Rachel Lawes and Christina Jenkins

Book review: Anthony Tasgal, ‘The storytelling book: finding the golden thread in your presentations’

Book review: Robert Worcester, Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines and Mark Gill, ‘Explaining Cameron’s comeback’