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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33(4)

In Memoriam
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

In This Issue
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

Perspective: New Service Development: How the Field Developed, Its Current Status and Recommendations for Moving the Field Forward
Wim G. Biemans, Abbie Griffin and Rudy K. Moenaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Marketing Resources in Radical Innovation Activity: Antecedents and Payoffs
Kyriakos Kyriakopoulos, Mathew Hughes and Paul Hughes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benefits of Customer Codevelopment of New Products: The Moderating Effects of Utilitarian and Hedonic Radicalness
Marina Candi, Jan van den Ende and Gerda Gemser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Customer Orientation Hinder (Help) Radical Product Innovation? The Role of Organizational Rewards
Ashwin W. Joshi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enhancing Stock Market Return with New Product Preannouncements: The Role of Information Quality and Innovativeness
Ruby P. Lee, Qimei Chen and Nathaniel N. Hartmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making Up Is Hard to Do: Knowledge Acquisition Strategies and the Nature of New Product Innovation
Denise Dunlap, Edward F. McDonough III, Ram Mudambi and Tim Swift [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizing for Inbound Open Innovation: How External Consultants and a Dedicated R&D Unit Influence Product Innovation Performance
Mattia Bianchi, Annalisa Croce, Claudio Dell’Era, C. Anthony Di Benedetto and Federico Frattini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]