Ray Fisk Gets SIG Leadership Award


This week Ray Fisk is honored with a new AMA award, the 2016 AMA Gold Report on the marketing research industry is released, and more?

Marketing Academics

Marketing Academics Weekly: 9 June 2016

Ray Fisk Named Inaugural SIG Leadership Award Recipient
Curated by: Matt Weingarden
The AMA announces Raymond P. Fisk as the recipient of the inaugural SIG Leadership Award. Dr. Fisk is founder of the Services Marketing SIG? (SERVSIG) and the SERVSIG International Conference among other activities.
Read Ray’s Profile from the Academy to learn more about his contributions to the AMA – including his role in launching ELMAR and AMA’s first website.

The AMA Gold Report: 2016 Top 50 Market Research Firms
By: Diane Bowers and Michael Brereton
Find out which companies have grown, shrunk, moved up the list, and how the industry is transforming.

Journal Reader: Salesperson Effectiveness
By: Zachary R. Hall
Make sure you haven’t missed one of the AMA’s most popular Journal Readers. It offers perspectives on how academics provide paths to enable salespeople to become more effective.
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Brand Buzz in the Echoverse
By: Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland T. Rust, & Harald J. van Heerde
This study empirically documents the existence of a reverberating echoverse for brand communication, in which there are complex feedback loops (“echoes”) between the “universe” of corporate communications, news media, and user-generated social media.
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