TOC: Service Sci


Service Science, 8(2)

Implementing Service Innovations in European Hotels
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Understanding Consumers’ Inferences from Price and Nonprice Information in the Online Lodging Purchase Decision
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Understanding Online Hotel Reviews Through Automated Text Analysis
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Is Investing in Social Media Really Worth It? How Brand Actions and User Actions Influence Brand Value
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Connecting Search Marketing to Hotel Revenue Management: Conjoint Analysis as a Methodology to Evaluate the Optimal Online Travel Agency Commission Fee
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Free Drink or Free Mug? Managing Service Experience with Experiential vs. Material Complimentary Gifts
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An Examination of Customers’ Attitudes About Tabletop Technology in Full-Service Restaurants
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Can Service Coproduction Factors Enhance Learning-by-Doing Simultaneously? Evidence from the U.S. Hotel Industry
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Testing Service Innovation: A Methodological Review of Video Experiments
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