TOC: Judgment Dec Making


Judgment and Decision Making, 11(3)

Procedural priming of a numerical cognitive illusion
Kimmo Eriksson, Fredrik Jansson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asymmetric dominance and the stability of constructed preferences
Anyuan Shen, Shuguang Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Graphs versus numbers: How information format affects risk aversion in gambling
Michael Dambacher, Peter Haffke, Daniel Groß, Ronald Hübner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Number preferences in lotteries
Tong V. Wang, Rogier J. D. Potter van Loon, Martijn J. van den Assem, Dennie van Dolder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of time limitation: Insights from a queueing experiment
Anna Conte, Marco Scarsini, Oktay Sürücü [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Regret Elements Scale: Distinguishing the affective and cognitive components of regret
Joshua Buchanan, Amy Summerville, Jennifer Lehmann, Jochen Reb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An attempt to clarify the link between cognitive style and political ideology: A non-western replication and extension
Onurcan Yilmaz, S. Adil Saribay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Simple Life: New experimental tests of the recognition heuristic
Zachariah Basehore, Richard B. Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]