TOC: J Mar Strat Man


Journal of Marketing and Strategic Management, 10(Jan)

Market Orientation, Marketing Competence, And the International Performance Of the Firm
Gary Knight, Tevfik Dalgic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Segmentation And Market Strategy: Qualitative Insights From B2b Technology Executives Art Weinstein, William C. Johnson,
Art Weinstein, William C. Johnson, [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effective Variables On Emotional Ambivalence During Jewelry Purchase
Sevtap Unal, F.Gorgun Deveci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Knowledge Of Outsourcing: A Knowledge-Based View Perspective
Joshua D. Maurer, Josh Bendickson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Individual Judgment In A Comprehensive Model of Proactive Corporate Environmental Strategy Formulation
Marko Horn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shareholder Value And Risk Effects of Strategic Alliances
Thomas Turk, Candace, Ybarra, Jeremy, C. Goh, Junming Hsu, Li-Ling Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research In Progress: Analysis of Customer Loyalty And Profitability Drives In Iran’s Banking Industry
Hamed Dehghanan, Hadi Abdollahi, Abdollah Tavaneh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Views from the Practice: Why Organizations Fail
Greg Satell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]