TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 135(4)

Company–Community Agreements, Gender and Development
J. C. Keenan, D. L. Kemp & R. B. Ramsay

Private Regulatory Fragmentation as Public Policy: Governing Canada’s Mining Industry
José Carlos Marques

The Practice of Mining and Inclusive Wealth Development in Developing Countries
Frederick Bird

The Ethics of Space and Time in Mining Projects: Matching Technical Tools with Social Performance
Saleem H. Ali

Redressing Mining Legacies: The Case of the South African Mining Industry
Tracy-Lynn Humby

Corporate Social Responsibility: Its Economic Impact and Link to the Bullwhip Effect
Nader Asgary & Gang Li

Who Buys Overpackaged Grocery Products and Why? Understanding Consumers’ Reactions to Overpackaging in the Food Sector
Leila Elgaaïed-Gambier

Sustaining Inter-organizational Relationships Across Institutional Logics and Power Asymmetries: The Case of Fair Trade
Alex Nicholls & Benjamin Huybrechts

Do Leveraged Firms Underinvest in Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from Health and Safety Programs in U.S. Firms
Christophe Moussu & Steve Ohana

Changing Social and Environmental Reporting Systems
Mia Kaspersen & Thomas Riise Johansen

Accounting for the Unaccountable: Biodiversity Reporting and Impression Management
Olivier Boiral

The Micro-level Foundations and Dynamics of Political Corporate Social Responsibility: Hegemony and Passive Revolution through Civil Society
Arno Kourula & Guillaume Delalieux

Contribution of the Management System and the Institutional Framework to the Efficiency of Values-Based Management
Wafa Ben Ahmed Naouar