Marketing Strategy and Innovation


Special issue of Review of Marketing Research; Deadline 1 Jan 2017

Call for Papers
Review of Marketing Research
Naresh K. Malhotra, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 15, Special Issue on:

Marketing Strategy and Innovation

Rajan Varadarajan (Texas A&M University) and Satish Jayachandran (University of South Carolina), Co-editors of the Special Issue

Marketing strategy is concerned with the question of how a firm should compete in its chosen markets. A key aspect of how a firm competes is through innovations of various types such as product, process and business model innovations, and at various levels such as firm, business, product and brand. Through innovations, firms strive to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Product innovation is a crucial element in various strategic marketing contexts such as meeting consumers’ needs and wants, responding to changes in consumers’ preferences, shaping consumers’ preferences, entering new markets or enhancing a firm’s market position in presently served product-markets, differentiating the firm’s product offerings from competitors’ offerings, neutralizing the effects of competitors’ actions, and preemption and deterrence of competitors.

For the volume, we welcome manuscripts addressing substantive issues at the intersection of marketing strategy and innovation. Appropriate topics for the volume include, but are not limited to, product innovation in various contexts such as goods, services and places, innovations for a digital marketplace, innovations in social media environments, innovations in response to the environmental sustainability imperative, methods for innovation, and innovations for, from and in emerging economies. Authors should submit their manuscripts as a PDF file on or before January 1, 2017 to Rajan Varadarajan ( and Satish Jayachandran ( Interested authors are also encouraged to contact either of the co-editors for questions and clarifications.