The AMA, Rebranded


The AMA has a new brand identity. Also, a profile of MPPC Co-Chair Brennan Davis, and more...

Marketing Academics Weekly: 2 June 2016

AMA Debuts Global Brand Identity
By: Adara Bowen
The AMA’s new brand identity and logo reflect the transformation of the organization.
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Scholarly Insights: How to Balance Style and Substance in Product Design
By: Lance A Bettencourt, PhD
In the past decade, design has gone from a company activity to a strategic priority and a source of competitive advantage.
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Ready for the 2016 Marketing & Public Policy Conference? Hear from MPPC co-chair Brennan Davis in a new Profile from the Academy
Curated by: Matt Weingarden
Brennan Davis has been selected as the 2016 MASSIG Emerging Scholar. In addition to chairing the 2016 Marketing & Public Policy Conference with Beth Vallen, Davis is engaged with the Transformative Consumer Research conference.
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AMA Strengthens Inclusivity in Next Generation of Marketers
By: Julie Schnidman Matt Weingarden
Since 2003, the AMA and AMA Foundation have awarded more than 60 scholarships/grants to students and professors from underrepresented backgrounds in the marketing profession.
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