TOC: Service Ind J


Service Industries Journal, 36(5/6)

Business-to-business professional service relationships under multiple logics
Tale Skjølsvik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the use of managerial intuition in retail site selection
Kendra Fowler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Development of new technology-based services
Heeyong Noh, Youngkeun Song, Ae-Soon Park, Byungun Yoon & Sungjoo Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cross-country study of service productivity
Harjit Sekhon, Andrews Agya Yalley, Sanjit Kumar Roy & Gurvinder Singh Shergill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Convenience and satisfaction: mediation of fairness and quality
Sanjit Kumar Roy, Walfried M. Lassar & Vaibhav Shekhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]