TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 10(2)

The role of ethnicity in domestic intercultural service encounters
Hamid Rizal, Don Jyh-Fu Jeng & Hsin Hsin Chang

Measuring word-of-mouth activity after a service encounter: are we measuring what customers communicate?
Nic S. Terblanche

Customer-perceived value and loyalty: how do key service quality dimensions matter in the context of B2C e-commerce?
Ling Jiang, Minjoon Jun & Zhilin Yang

The influence of the source and valence of word-of-mouth information on post-failure and post-recovery evaluations
Ronald L. Hess & Lawrence Ring

The effect of pre-flight attendants’ emotional intelligence, emotional labor, and emotional exhaustion on commitment to customer service
Aeeun Jeon

Northern and southern Italian social cooperatives during the economic crisis: a multiple factor analysis
Ericka Costa & Chiara Carini

The influence of variability and strategy of service supply chains on performance
Sonia M. Lo

The multichannel customer’s service experience: building satisfaction and trust
Estela Fernández-Sabiote & Sergio Román

Enemies of cloud services usage: inertia and switching costs
Laura Lucia-Palacios, Raúl Pérez-López & Yolanda Polo-Redondo