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Research Policy, 45(7)

Special Section on Patent Use; Guest Edited by Ashish Arora & Suma Athreye

Introduction to the Special Section on Patent Use
Ashish Arora, Suma Athreye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why do patents facilitate trade in technology? Testing the disclosure and appropriation effects
Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Alfons Palangkaraya, Elizabeth Webster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation collaboration and appropriability by knowledge-intensive business services firms
Marcela Miozzo, Panos Desyllas, Hsing-fen Lee, Ian Miles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The paradox of openness revisited: Collaborative innovation and patenting by UK innovators
Ashish Arora, Suma Athreye, Can Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Win, lose or draw? The fate of patented inventions
John P. Walsh, You-Na Lee, Taehyun Jung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Used, blocking and sleeping patents: Empirical evidence from a large-scale inventor survey
Salvatore Torrisi, Alfonso Gambardella, Paola Giuri, Dietmar Harhoff, Karin Hoisl, Myriam Mariani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regular Papers

The effects of university rules on spinoff creation: The case of academia in Italy
Alessandro Muscio, Davide Quaglione, Laura Ramaciotti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the promises of transdisciplinary research: A quantitative study of two climate research programmes
Stefan P.L. de Jong, Tjerk Wardenaar, Edwin Horlings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public private partnerships and emerging technologies: A look at nanomedicine for diseases of poverty
Thomas S. Woodson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation through exaptation and its determinants: The role of technological complexity, analogy making & patent scope
Mariano Mastrogiorgio, Victor Gilsing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do design rules facilitate or complicate architectural innovation in innovation alliance networks?
Erwin Hofman, Johannes I.M. Halman, Bart van Looy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scientific linkages and firm productivity: Panel data evidence from Taiwanese electronics firms
Jong-Rong Chen, Kamhon Kan, I-Hsuan Tung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological proximity and recombinative innovation in the alternative energy field
Jian Cheng Guan, Yan Yan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inverted-U relationship between R&D intensity and survival: Evidence on scale and complementarity effects in UK data
Mehmet Ugur, Eshref Trushin, Edna Solomon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]