TOC: J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 39(2)

The Journal of Consumer Policy Outstanding Reviewer Award 2016
Lucia A. Reisch

A Critical Review of the Costs of Advertising: a Transformative Consumer Research Perspective
Joseph L. Scarpaci, Benjamin K. Sovacool & Ronnie Ballantyne

A Reasonable Price for Electricity
Simone Pront-van Bommel

Money, Comfort or Environment? Priorities and Determinants of Energy Efficiency Investments in Irish Households
Claudia Aravena, Andrés Riquelme & Eleanor Denny

“If It’s Easy to Read, It’s Easy to Claim”—The Effect of the Readability of Insurance Contracts on Consumer Expectations and Conflict Behaviour
Willem H. Van Boom, Pieter Desmet & Mark Van Dam

Analysing Household and Intra-urban Variants in the Consumption of Financial Services: Uncovering “Exclusion” in an English City
Sabrina Bunyan, Alan Collins & Gianpiero Torrisi

An Economic Analysis of Requirements to Prevent Handheld Hair Dryer Water Immersion Electrocutions in the USA
Gregory B. Rodgers & Sarah E. Garland

Social Bond Development Through Continuous Indebtedness
Carolina Rezende Pereira & Suzane Strehlau

The Prevalence and Risk of Food Insecurity in the Nordic Region: Preliminary Results
Anita Borch & Unni Kjærnes

Book Notes “Law” 2/2016
Hans-W. Micklitz