TOC: Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 33(3)

Enhancing the foundations for theorising through bibliometric mapping
Noemi Sinkovics

Applying configurational theory to build a typology of ethnocentric consumers
Sven Feurer, Elisa Baumbach, and Arch G. Woodside

A critical look at the use of SEM in international business research
Nicole Franziska Richter, Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Christian M. Ringle, and Christopher Schlägel

Testing measurement invariance of composites using partial least squares
Jörg Henseler, Christian M. Ringle, and Marko Sarstedt

Households in international marketing research
Elfriede Penz and Erich Kirchler

Cross-country cross-survey design in international marketing research
Sanna Sintonen, Anssi Tarkiainen, John W. Cadogan, Olli Kuivalainen, Nick Lee, and Sanna Sundqvist

Assessing endogeneity issues in international marketing research
Ruey-Jer "Bryan" Jean, Ziliang Deng, Daekwan Kim, and Xiaohui Yuan

Guest editorial
Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Ruey-Jer "Bryan" Jean, and Daekwan Kim