TOC: Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 28(3)

Means-end chain approach for exploring the motivation of ready-to-drink tea consumers
Edward Shih-Tse Wang and Jia-Rong Yu

Effect of family environment on adolescent compulsive buying: mediating role of self-esteem
Rashmi Singh and Jogendra Kumar Nayak

Impact of service failure severity and agreeableness on consumer switchover intention
Zeeshan Riaz and Muhammad Ishfaq Khan

The effects of service quality on internet service provider customers’ behaviour
Thu Nguyen Quach, Charles Jebarajakirthy, and Park Thaichon

Examining the relationships among the brand equity dimensions
Jin Su

The effects of corporate brand symbolism on consumer satisfaction and loyalty
Tatiana Anisimova

Destination image of Indian tourism destinations
Anupriya Kaur, Abhilasha Chauhan, and Yajulu Medury

Channel relationships from the perspectives of manufacturers and their connecting distributors in Indonesia
I Made Sukresna, John Hamilton, and Singwhat Tee

Small retailer’s new product acceptance in emerging market: a grounded theory approach
Ateeque Shaikh and Aradhana Gandhi

Investigating the perceptions of Indian employees on logistics network and logistics cost on Indian steel sector
N Jena and Nitin Seth

Ian Phau