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Marketing Education Review, 26(2)

From the Editor
John F. (Jeff) Tanner [Publisher]

What Do Job Candidates Consider Important When Assessing an Academic Position?
Earl D. Honeycutt Jr. & Shawn T. Thelen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Embracing Your Inner “Guide on the Side”: Using Neuroscience to Shift the Focus from Teaching to Learning
Mary K. Foster, Bettina West & Barbara Bell-Angus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nonresponse Bias in Student Evaluations of Teaching
Donald R. Bacon, Carol J. Johnson & Kim A. Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who Are You Going After? A Practical Typology to Generate Engagement in Professional Student Organizations
Laura Munoz, Richard J. Miller & Sonja Martin Poole [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Outside the Box Teaching Moments: Classroom-Tested Innovations
D. Joel Whalen & Kesha K. Coker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]