Supply Chain Management and Logistics


Structured Literature Reviews and Meta Analyses, Special issue of International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management; Deadline 31 Jan 2017

Structured Literature Reviews and Meta Analyses in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

A Special Issue from International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

Submission deadline: 31 January 2017 (ScholarOne will NOT open for submissions until 1 January 2017 – all papers should be submitted to the Structured Literature Reviews and Meta-Analyses option in the ScholarOne site)

The objective of this special issue is to highlight the evolution and creation of knowledge in the field of supply chain management and logistics. Robust, structured methodologies for literature review (Denyer and Tranfield, 2009; Rousseau et al., 2008; Saenz and Koufteros, 2015; Smithey 2012) and meta-analyses (Damanpour, 1991; Mackelprang and Nair, 2010; Nair, 2006) are sought to ensure document quality and reliability.

We request articles focused on developing a better understanding of phenomena within the supply chain management and logistics field. Hot topics and topics of strategic importance that have yet to be investigated are preferred. Submissions without sufficient methodological rigor or poor quality writing that is purely narrative in nature will be desk-rejected by the Editors. The articles are expected to identify new gaps in the literature, raise new research questions or develop propositions for further investigation. Towards that end, authors are advised to examine Saenz and Koufteros (2015) in order to be informed about the level of methodological rigor and structure expectations as well as to minimize overlap.

Potential topics include supply chain management and logistics concepts related to:

  • Contracts and Coordination
  • Supplier Selection & Development
  • Outsourcing
  • Governance Mechanisms
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Relationships between Supply Chain Parties
  • Inter-organizational Learning
  • International/Global Issues
  • Performance, Performance Measurement, and Metrics
  • Product Innovation and Product Development
  • Risk Management
  • Humanitarian Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chains
  • Disruption Management
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Sustainability and the Circular Economy
  • Data Analytics and Large Data
  • Customer Service Strategy
  • Human Resource Development in the Supply Chain
  • Urban Logistics

Prospective authors are also encouraged to submit abstracts of their papers to the Guest Editors in advance of full submission to assure proper fit. All articles should be submitted in English. We strongly advise that non-native English speakers have their manuscripts proofread prior to submission.

In addition, considering the nature of this call for literature review papers, the final version of the manuscripts can be approximately 10000 words in length, including references, figures and tables.

Submission guidelines

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Submitting an article

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  • Complete all fields and browse to upload your article. Please include your structured abstract in your article file.
  • At the ‘please select the type of issue’ highlight “Reviewing literature in supply chain management and logistics” in the dropdown list.
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  • When all required sections are completed, preview your .PDF proof.
  • Submit your manuscript.
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Please contact Dr. Xenophon Koufteros (see below) if you require any assistance.

Guest Editors
Dr. Xenophon Koufteros
Information & Operations Management
Mays Business School
Texas A&M University, USA

Dr. Alan Mackelprang
Department of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Georgia Southern University, USA

Dr. Daniel Ekwall
Faculty of Textile, Engineering and Business
University of Borås (Sweden), Europe

Dr. Baofeng Huo
Department of Business Administration, School of Management
Zhejiang University, China

References and useful reading

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  • Denyer, D. and Tranfield, D. (2009), "Producing a systematic review", Ch. 39, in Buchanan, D. and Bryman, A. (Eds), The Sage Handbook of Organizational Research Methods, Sage Publications Ltd, London, pp. 671-89.
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  • Smithey, I. (2012), “The craft of writing theory articles: variety and similarity in AMR”, Academy of Management Review, Vol. 37 No. 3, pp. 327-331.

Submission deadline

Full paper submissions are due 31 January 2017 (All papers should be submitted to the Structured Literature Reviews and Meta-Analyses option on ScholarOne between 1st and 31st January, 2017).