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Journal of Marketing, 80(3)

Brand Buzz in the Echoverse
Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland T. Rust, and Harald J. van Heerde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Hostile Consumers Wreak Havoc on Your Brand: The Phenomenon of Consumer Brand Sabotage
Andrea Kähr, Bettina Nyffenegger, Harley Krohmer, and Wayne D. Hoyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Authority Relinquishment in Agency Relationships
Gülnur Tumbat and Kent Grayson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Counts Versus What Can Be Counted: The Complex Interplay of Market Orientation and Marketing Performance Measurement
Johanna Frösén, Jukka Luoma, Matti Jaakkola, Henrikki Tikkanen, and Jaakko Aspara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Drives a Firm’s Choice of Product Recall Remedy? The Impact of Remedy Cost, Product Hazard, and the CEO
Angela Xia Liu, Yong Liu, and Ting Luo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Business Customers Judge Solutions: Solution Quality and Value in Use
Emma K. Macdonald, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, and Hugh N. Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]