TOC: J Comp Mediated Comm


Journal of Computer-Mediated Commmunication, 21(3)

I Am What I See: How Avatar and Opponent Agent Body Size Affects Physical Activity Among Men Playing Exergames
Jorge Peña, Subuhi Khan and Cassandra Alexopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bubbling Up the Good Ideas: A Two-Mode Network Analysis of an Intra-Organizational Idea Challenge
Bryan Stephens, Wenhong Chen and John Sibley Butler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reimagining Internet Geographies: A User-Centric Ethnological Mapping of the World Wide Web
Angela Xiao Wu and Harsh Taneja [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digital Inclusion in Rural Areas: A Qualitative Exploration of Challenges Faced by People From Isolated Communities
Teresa Correa and Isabel Pavez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]