TOC: Ann Rev Poli Sci


Annual Review of Political Science, 19

Democracy: A Never-Ending Quest
Adam Przeworski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preference Change in Competitive Political Environments
James N. Druckman and Arthur Lupia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Governance of International Finance
Jeffry Frieden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Capital in the Twenty-First Century—in the Rest of the World
Michael Albertus and Victor Menaldo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Turn to Tradition in the Study of Jewish Politics
Julie E. Cooper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Governance: What Do We Know, and How Do We Know It?
Francis Fukuyama [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Theory on Climate Change
Melissa Lane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Democratization During the Third Wave
Stephan Haggard and Robert R. Kaufman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Representation and Consent: Why They Arose in Europe and Not Elsewhere
David Stasavage [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Eurozone and Political Economic Institutions
Torben Iversen, David Soskice, and David Hope [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

American Exceptionalism and the Welfare State: The Revisionist Literature
Monica Prasad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Diplomacy of War and Peace
Robert F. Trager [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Security Communities and the Unthinkabilities of War
Jennifer Mitzen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Protecting Popular Self-Government from the People? New Normative Perspectives on Militant Democracy
Jan-Werner Müller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buying, Expropriating, and Stealing Votes
Isabela Mares and Lauren Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking Dimensions of Democracy for Empirical Analysis: Authenticity, Quality, Depth, and Consolidation
Robert M. Fishman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chavismo, Liberal Democracy, and Radical Democracy
Kirk A. Hawkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Give Me Attitudes
Peter K. Hatemi and Rose McDermott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Re-imagining the Cambridge School in the Age of Digital Humanities
Jennifer A. London [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Misunderstandings About the Regression Discontinuity Design in the Study of Close Elections
Brandon de la Cuesta and Kosuke Imai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nukes with Numbers: Empirical Research on the Consequences of Nuclear Weapons for International Conflict
Erik Gartzke and Matthew Kroenig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public Support for European Integration
Sara B. Hobolt and Catherine E. de Vries [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Policy Making for the Long Term in Advanced Democracies
Alan M. Jacobs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment: Globalized Production in the Twenty-First Century
Sonal S. Pandya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Far Right Parties in Europe
Matt Golder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Race as a Bundle of Sticks: Designs that Estimate Effects of Seemingly Immutable Characteristics
Maya Sen and Omar Wasow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perspectives on the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
Bernard Grofman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transparency, Replication, and Cumulative Learning: What Experiments Alone Cannot Achieve
Thad Dunning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Formal Models of Nondemocratic Politics
Scott Gehlbach, Konstantin Sonin, and Milan W. Svolik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]