TOC: J Services Mar


Journal of Services Marketing, 30(2)

Internationalization strategies for services: a retrospective
Christian Grönroos

Retrospective: efficiency in service delivery: technological or humanistic approaches?
Scott W. Kelley

The effect of cues on service quality expectations and service selection in a restaurant setting
Jill Sweeney, Robert W. Armstrong, and Lester W. Johnson

Co-creating value with consumers through social media
Tzu-Yi Kao, Ming-Hsien Yang, Ji-Tsung Ben Wu, and Ya-Yun Cheng

Studying customers’ resource integration by service employees in interactional value co-creation
Loïc Plé

Intrinsic value dimensions and the value-satisfaction-loyalty chain: a causal model for services
Martina G. Gallarza, Francisco Arteaga-Moreno, Giacomo Del Chiappa, and Irene Gil-Saura

Does relationship communication matter in B2C service relationships?
M.S. Balaji, Sanjit Kumar Roy, and Khong Kok Wei

Customer relationship investment and relationship strength: evidence from insurance industry in China
Guicheng Shi, Huimei Bu, Yuan Ping, Matthew Tingchi Liu, and Yonggui Wang

Understanding the role of regulatory focus in e-tailing activities
Gopal Das

Role of personal cultural orientations in intercultural service encounters
Piyush Sharma, Zhan Wu, and Yong Su

Managing the downside effect of a productivity orientation
Jun Ye and Jesse King