TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(5)

Strategic consequences of emotional misrepresentation in negotiation: The blowback effect.
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Initial impressions: What they are, what they are not, and how they influence structured interview outcomes.
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Seeing you seeing me: Stereotypes and the stigma magnification effect.
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Racioethnicity, community makeup, and potential employees’ reactions to organizational diversity management approaches.
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Leader affective presence and innovation in teams.
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What it takes to get proactive: An integrative multilevel model of the antecedents of personal initiative.
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Power and death: Mortality salience increases power seeking while feeling powerful reduces death anxiety.
Belmi, Peter; Pfeffer, Jeffrey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cooperation in multicultural negotiations: How the cultures of people with low and high power interact.
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Suffering in silence: Investigating the role of fear in the relationship between abusive supervision and defensive silence.
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A cross-lagged test of the association between customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction in a relational context.
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