TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 134(4)

Sustainable and Ethical Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance and Governance, and Institutional Reform in China
Douglas Cumming, Wenxuan Hou & Edward Lee

Revisiting the Bright and Dark Sides of Capital Flows in Business Groups
Joseph P. H. Fan, Li Jin & Guojian Zheng

Social Capital, Informal Governance, and Post-IPO Firm Performance: A Study of Chinese Entrepreneurial Firms
Jerry X. Cao, Yuan Ding & Hua Zhang

Ownership Structure and Insider Trading: Evidence from China
Qing He & Oliver M. Rui

Is Corporate Governance in China Related to Performance Persistence?
Lars Helge Haß, Sofia Johan & Denis Schweizer

Donate Money, but Whose? An Empirical Study of Ultimate Control Rights, Agency Problems, and Corporate Philanthropy in China
Justin Tan & Yuejun Tang

Good Apples, Bad Apples: Sorting Among Chinese Companies Traded in the U.S.
James S. Ang, Zhiqian Jiang & Chaopeng Wu

Environmental Management Under Subnational Institutional Constraints
Shujun Ding, Chunxin Jia, Zhenyu Wu & Wenlong Yuan

The Effectiveness of Public Enforcement: Evidence from the Resolution of Tunneling in China
Lars Helge Haß, Sofia Johan & Maximilian André Müller

Executive Compensation and Corporate Fraud in China
Martin J. Conyon & Lerong He

Regulatory Sanctions on Independent Directors and Their Consequences to the Director Labor Market: Evidence from China
Michael Firth, Sonia Wong, Qingquan Xin & Ho Yin Yick

Institutional Investors, Political Connections, and the Incidence of Regulatory Enforcement Against Corporate Fraud
Wenfeng Wu, Sofia A. Johan & Oliver M. Rui

Does the External Monitoring Effect of Financial Analysts Deter Corporate Fraud in China?
Jiandong Chen, Douglas Cumming, Wenxuan Hou & Edward Lee