TOC: J Relationship Mar


Journal of Relationship Marketing, 15(1/2)

Integrated Marketing Communications and Their Effects on Customer Switching Intention
Paramaporn Thaichon & Thu Nguyen Quach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Meanings of Shared Resources in Interorganizational Relationships: A Narrative Study in Retailing
Saara Julkunen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Commitment and Trust on Internal Marketing
Eric Ng, Wei-Ta Fang & Ching-Yu Lien [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shared Governance: The Key to Higher Education Equilibrium
David Bejou & Azam Bejou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examination of Formal and Informal Relationships Between Service Provider and Client for Ticket Sales Outsourcing in the United States
Seungbum Lee, Namkyung Oh & Matthew Juravich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Fortune Companies
Azam Bejou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Transaction Cost Framework in Supply Chain Relationships: A Social Capital Perspective
Aneela Kanwal & Amer Rajput [Publisher] [Google Scholar]