TOC: J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 15(3)

Introducing the super consumer
Leisa Reinecke Flynn and Ronald Earl Goldsmith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Emotions and cognitions in consumer health behaviors: insights from chronically ill patients into the effects of hope and control perceptions
Suzanne C. Makarem [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The moderating role of consumer entitlement on the relationship of value with customer satisfaction
James J. Zboja, Mary Dana Laird and Adrien Bouchet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facets of country image and brand equity: Revisiting the role of product categories in country-of-origin effect research
Mikael Andéhn, Fredrik Nordin and Mats E. Nilsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interplay of persuasion inference and flow experience in an entertaining food advergame
Chang-Dae Ham, Gunwoo Yoon and Michelle R. Nelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Construction of gender roles in perceived scarce environments – Maintaining masculinity when shopping for fast fashion apparel
Shipra Gupta and James W. Gentry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How do shoppers behave online? An observational study of online grocery shopping
Zachary Anesbury, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, John Dawes and Rachel Kennedy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What to diffuse in a gender-specific store? The effect of male and female perfumes on customer value and behaviour
Lieve Doucé, Wim Janssens, Sara Leroi-Werelds and Sandra Streukens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of self on materialism among teenagers
Luciana de Araujo Gil, Civilai Leckie and Lester Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]