Lilien Practice Prize


Finalists have been picked for the 2016 Gary Lilien Marketing Science Practice Prize

2016 ISMS/MSI Gary Lilien Marketing Science Practice Prize

The Judging Panel of the 2016 Gary Lilien Marketing Science Practice Prize are delighted to announce the Finalists of the 2016 Competition, selected from a wide and excellent range of applications.

The winner will be chosen on Friday June 17 after presentations by each finalist at a Special Session of the Marketing Science Conference in Shanghai. We would like to invite everyone to attend the Special Session to hear some exciting and impactful pieces of applied research.


“Building Optimized and Hyperlocal Product Assortments: A Nonparametric Choice Approach” by Vivek F. Farias (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Srikanth Jagabathula (New York University), and Devavrat Shah (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

“Managing Advertising Campaigns for New Product Launches in the Automobile Industry: An Application at Mercedes-Benz” by Marc Fischer (University of Cologne and University of Technology Sydney)

“An Analytical Based Service Monitor and Improvement System for the National Dutch Railways: A Big Data Approach” by Joost Bosma (National Dutch Railways), Martin Heijnsbroek (MIcompany), and Peter C. Verhoef (University of Groningen, Customer Insights Center)

“Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large Scale Field Experiment” Thomas Blake (eBay Research Labs), Chris Nosko (University of Chicago and eBay Research Labs), and Steven Tadelis (UC Berkeley and eBay Research Labs)

“The Impact of Marketing Skills on Business Growth, Prosperity, and Survival: Insights from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Collaboration with the World Bank” by Stephen Anderson-Macdonald (Stanford University), Rajesh Chandy (London Business School), and Bilal Zia (World Bank)

Judging Panel: John Roberts (Chair), Dominique Hanssens (ISMS), Bernd Skiera (EMAC), Earl Taylor (MSI), K. Sudhir (Marketing Science), Steve Cohen (Industry)