TOC: J Service Man


Journal of Service Management, 27(2)

Exposing Pinocchio customers: investigating exaggerated service stories
Lloyd C. Harris, Raymond P. Fisk, and Hana Sysalova

The social aspects of consumption as predictors of consumer loyalty
Rodoula H Tsiotsou

Service guarantee as a recovery strategy
Benedetta Crisafulli and Jaywant Singh

Enhancing customer loyalty: critical switching cost factors
Dahlia El-Manstrly

Enhancing customer relationships with retail service brands
Kevin Kam Fung So, Ceridwyn King, Beverley Ann Sparks, and Ying Wang

Shopping experiences in visually complex environments: a self-regulation account
Ulrich R. Orth, Jochen Wirtz, and Amelia McKinney

Is more customer control of services always better?
Herm Joosten, Josée Bloemer, and Bas Hillebrand

Jay Kandampully

Guest editorial
Rodoula H Tsiotsou and Mark S. Rosenbaum