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Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy, Textbook by Jochen Wirtz and Christopher Lovelock

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Part I: Understanding Service Products, Consumers, and Markets

1. Creating Value in the Service Economy 2. Understanding Service Consumers
3. Positioning Services in Competitive Markets

Part II: Applying the 4 Ps of Marketing to Services

4. Developing Service Products and Brands 5. Distributing Services Through Physical and Electronic Channels
6. Service Pricing and Revenue Management
7. Service Marketing Communications

Part III: Managing the Customer Interface

8. Designing Service Processes
9. Balancing Demand and Capacity
10. Crafting the Service Environment
11. Managing People for Service Advantage

Part IV: Developing Customer Relationships

12. Managing Relationships and Building Loyalty
13. Complaint Handling and Service Recovery

Part V: Striving for Service Excellence

14. Improving Service Quality and Productivity
15. Building a World Class Service Organization

Part VI: Case Studies

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