TOC: J Supply Chain Man


Journal of Supply Chain Management, 52(2)

Theory Building Surrounding Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Assessing What We Know, Exploring Where to Go
Gideon D. Markman and Daniel Krause [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making Sustainability Sustainable
Frank Montabon, Mark Pagell and Zhaohui Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Doing Well by doing Good? The Self-interest of Buying Firms and Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Christian Busse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mitigation, Avoidance, or Acceptance? Managing Supplier Sustainability Risk
Sara Hajmohammad and Stephan Vachon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Environmental Innovations Emerge and Proliferate in Supply Networks: A Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective
Anand Nair, Tingting Yan, Young K. Ro, Adegoke Oke, Todd H. Chiles and Su-Yol Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]