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Journal of Strategic Marketing, 24(1)

Carolyn Strong & Nigel Piercy [Publisher]

Guest Editorial

Anatomy of entrepreneurial marketing
Aron O’Cass & Sussie Morrish [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Anatomy of competitive advantage: towards a contingency theory of entrepreneurial marketing
Peter Whalen, Can Uslay, Vincent J. Pascal, Glenn Omura, Andrew McAuley, Chickery J. Kasouf, Rosalind Jones, Claes M. Hultman, Gerald E. Hills, David J. Hansen, Audrey Gilmore, Joe Giglierano, Fabian Eggers & Jonathan Deacon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial proclivity: its environmental conditions and growth consequences
Zhen Zhu & Ken Matsuno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of entrepreneurial marketing processes and entrepreneurial self-efficacy on community vulnerability, risk, and resilience
Morgan P. Miles, Gemma K. Lewis, Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Sussie C. Morrish, Audrey Gilmore & Chickery J. Kasouf [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of entrepreneurial marketing in new technology ventures first product commercialisation
Hormoz Ahmadi & Aron O’Cass [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A dynamic market conceptualization for entrepreneurial marketing: the co-creation of opportunities
Peter S. Whalen & Melissa A. Akaka [Publisher] [Google Scholar] 35040