TOC: Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 28(2)

Devoted to you my love
Abhigyan Sarkar and Juhi Gahlot Sarkar

Influence of consumer personality, brand personality, and corporate personality on brand preference
Saikat Banerjee

The impact of ethnicity on luxury perception: the case of Singapore’s Generation Y
Giuseppe Timperio, Kay Chuan Tan, Luciano Fratocchi, and Stefano Pace

The mediating role of customer satisfaction: evidence from the airline industry
Rahim Hussain

Investigating drivers of internet giving behaviour in Malaysia
Hanudin Amin

Customer online shopping anxiety within the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use Technology (UTAUT) framework
Hakan Celik

Permission email marketing and its influence on online shopping
Vaughan Reimers, Chih-Wei Chao, and Sarah Gorman

The mediating role of new ecological paradigm between value orientations and pro-environmental personal norm in the agricultural context
Kean Boon Chua, Farzana Quoquab, Jihad Mohammad, and Rohaida Basiruddin

A network perspective and value added tasks: the case of agri-food value chain
luai Jraisat

SMS advertising the Hallyu way: drivers, acceptance and intention to receive
Steve Dix, Kyle Jamieson, and Anwar Sadat Shimul