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International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(1)

Editorial — First issue of 2016
Roland T. Rust [Publisher]

Special Section: BRANDING in a DIGITALLY EMPOWERING WORLD; Guest Editors: Tulin Erdem, Kevin Lane Keller, Dmitri Kuksov and Rik Pieters

Understanding Branding in a digitally empowered world
Tulin Erdem, Kevin Lane Keller, Dmitri Kuksov, Rik Pieters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decomposing the effects of online customer reviews on brand, price, and product attributes
Daniel S. Kostyra, Jochen Reiner, Martin Natter, Daniel Klapper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of social media interactions on consumer–brand relationships: A three-country study of brand perceptions and marketing behaviors
Simon Hudson, Li Huang, Martin S. Roth, Thomas J. Madden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Each can help or hurt: Negative and positive word of mouth in social network brand communities
Marleen Relling, Oliver Schnittka, Henrik Sattler, Marius Johnen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of social media and brand equity during a product recall crisis: A shareholder value perspective
Liwu Hsu, Benjamin Lawrence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

You decide, we donate: Strengthening consumer–brand relationships through digitally co-created social responsibility
Alexander J. Kull, Timothy B. Heath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand value co-creation in a digitalized world: An integrative framework and research implications
Venkat Ramaswamy, Kerimcan Ozcan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regular Papers

Profit-increasing asymmetric entry
Amit Pazgal, David Soberman, Raphael Thomadsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer spending patterns across firms and categories: Application to the size- and share-of-wallet
Sungha Jang, Ashutosh Prasad, Brian T. Ratchford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The power of an installed base to combat lifecycle decline: The case of video games
André Marchand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quality mental model convergence and business performance
Roland T. Rust, Christine Moorman, Jacqueline van Beuningen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Diagnosing harmful collinearity in moderated regressions: A roadmap
Pavan Rao Chennamaneni, Raj Echambadi, James D. Hess, Niladri Syam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It’s not us, it’s you: How threatening self-brand association leads to brand pursuit
Justin W. Angle, Mark R. Forehand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Replication Corner

A meta-analysis of price change fairness perceptions
Farid Tarrahi, Martin Eisend, Florian Dost [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is bigger always better? The unit effect in carbon emissions information
Romain Cadario, Béatrice Parguel, Florence Benoit-Moreau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Are multichannel customers really more valuable? An analysis of banking services”
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, Wagner A. Kamakura, Iguacel Melero-Polo, F. Javier Sese [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer responses to combined arousal-inducing stimuli
Gopal Das, Henrik Hagtvedt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The paradox of ‘green to be seen’: Green high-status shoppers excessively use (branded) shopping bags
Arianne J. van der Wal, Femke van Horen, Amir Grinstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The adoption of new prescription drugs is strongly associated with prior category prescribing rate
Philip Stern, Malcolm Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A dirty store is a cost forever: The harmful influence of disorderly retail settings on unethical consumer behavior
Saar Bossuyt, Patrick Van Kenhove, Tine De Bock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is there a mere categorization effect in investment decisions?
David Lewis, Tripat Gill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting firm-created word of mouth: High-value versus low-value seed selection
Florian Dost, Jens Sievert, David Kassim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]