TOC: Service Sci


Service Science, 8(1)

Introduction—In Search of a New Alignment in Service Research: A Unique Dual-Journal Special Section

Editorial Column—Service Science is Growing Up
Paul P. Maglio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Software Evolution in Web-Service Ecosystems: A Game-Theoretic Model
Marios Fokaefs, Eleni Stroulia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Loyalty and Profitability of VIP and Non-VIP Customers in the Banking Service Industry
Jengchung Victor Chen, Hsing Kenneth Cheng, Hui-Ju Veronica Hsiao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Systemic and Relational Approach to Pricing Services
Veerendra K. Rai, Abhinay Puvvala, Ashish K. Jha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Categorizing Users of Cloud Services
Omid Nohadani, Jocelyn Dunn, Gerhard Klimeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asymmetric Bertrand-Edgeworth-Chamberlin Competition with Linear Demand: A Pediatric Vaccine Pricing Model
Banafsheh Behzad, Sheldon H. Jacobson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary—Lessons from Nature: Enhancing the Adaptable Potential of Service Ecosystems
Robert F. Lusch, Rafe Sagarin, Zhen (Richard) Tang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]